Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lee Hing Asian-Pacific Market

Lee Hing is a good, comprehensive Asian market. It's at 615 Wooten Rd, on the north side of Platte, east of Academy, easily accessible. We quickly found the spices, sauces, and pastes we needed; noodles abound; the selection of teas surpasses any others in this area. The place is clean and well lit. The staff were quite friendly and helpful. The live seafood tank was clean and the live critters were active and appeared healthy. OTOH, the iced fish were a day old and a dollar short. The fish were past prime and would never be seen in a Japanese or North Carolina seafood market, yet were typical for a southeast Asian market. The produce selection and quality was good. Prices across the board were reasonable.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Colorado Springs getaway

So we took a trip up to the Springs this weekend, our quarterly excursion to Fort Carson to exercise those retirement bennies. We overnighted on this trip, staying at Holden House 1902 Bed and Breakfast, which is our favorite Victorian B&B. This time we stayed in the Aspen Suite, in the main house, upstairs. The suite is long and narrow, but not overly so, with the bed right under the big turret visible in this shot:

Here are some interior shots:

As we noted from a previous visit, the service is excellent, provided by a very friendly and personable staff. From 5 PM - 7 PM there is a nice little cheese and veggie selection, along with a pair of very decent red and white wines.

For dinner, we enjoyed the mixed mezzi appetizer plate and the Lamb Giouvetsi at Jake and Telly's in Old Colorado City.

Breakfast was a very nice fruit cup, very good coffee, muffins, and a Crème Brûlée French Toast  with bacon dish.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mary Lee and the New England seamount chain

Our favorite Great White, Mary Lee, is frisking about near the surface, about 100 miles south of the New England seamount chain, her course roughly paralleling that chain. The New England seamount chain is a very interesting formation, linked to the Great Meteor Hotspot.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Santa Fe Trail Association, Bent's Fort Chapter

On Saturday April 13, 2013, members of the Bent’s Fort Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association placed 5 Santa Fe Trail Crossing signs along county highways in Otero County. Signs were put along County Roads 24 & 28 and just west of the Timpas area.

Funding for these signs is provided by the National Park Service. Locations are approved by County Commissioners and exact GPS coordinates are used to pinpoint where the Trail crossed the land. Charlie Hutton, Rocky Ford, coordinates all these efforts.

Marking the Trail helps our chapter accomplish its mis- sion of preserving, protecting, and promoting the historical legacy of the Santa Fe Trail. It also helps us better understand where the Trail ran in our area. Often no ruts remain due to farming and ranching operations, dust storms, and erosion.

We also place stone posts with Santa Fe Trail logos along the trail. Dur ing the past few years dozens of signs and posts have been planted in southeastern Colorado. These signs plus others placed by the Daughters of the American Revolution and Scenic Byways help visitors to our area follow the Trail along the Mountain Route in Colorado.

Sunday, April 7, 2013