Friday, November 18, 2016

Green Mountain Grills

So ... I had been thinking about getting a smoker, to go along with the propane grill. I smoked fish and meats some decades back, but drifted away from it after burning down our smoker.

I had a box, a large wooden packing crate, good construction, that I had converted to the smoke box. I had a couple of fire pits, one close, one not, for hot smoking and cold smoking. Iused regular flue pipe for the smoke conduit. This was a live fire, stick-fed operation.

One day a short period of inattentiveness led to a fire, and the loss of the smoker and a nice load of Gunnison area salmon.

I'd recently been looking at propane-fired smokers.

It turns out that a couple of guys from the PD are heavily into smoking; both use Green Mountain Grill smokers. I tried some smoked ribs and some pulled pork from their GMG's; it was impressive.

So after a bit of hemming and hawing over it with Leece, we ordered one of GMG's Davy Crockett smokers. This is their smallest item; it's actually quite portable, and suitable for tailgating. And, it runs off 12VDC, though it has a 120VAC power supply adapter for house use.

The GMG's are hopper-fed pellet smokers. Some of them, like the Davy Crockett, can be controlled via Wi-Fi and a phone app. These ain't yer great-granddaddy's smokers.

So far we've done up some smoked mac and cheese, which was just outstanding, as well as some boneless pork ribs, some beef jerky, and some spare ribs.  All have been drool-fests.

Boneless pork ribs

Smoked Chicken Thighs นครพนม, based on an ancient Siamese recipe. We started with a basic rub of coarse black pepper, garlic salt and onion powder, and more than a hint of chipotle. After letting the thighs think about that overnight, we then bathed them in a nice sweet chili sauce for several hours. Then, two hours in the smoker, and finished on the grill. Like ... dude.

Le racque côtes de porc, avec sauce au rhum aux pêches. From an old recipe from the French West Indies - Rack of ribs with peach rum sauce.