Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mesa Verde National Park

We visited Mesa Verde the weekend of July 11. We took US 160, and passed over Wolf Creek Pass on the way west.

On the way, we stopped in at Great Sand Dunes, for a quick visit. It had been a couple of years since we had been there, and we wanted to just take in the view.

Leece at the visitors' center, with Mt Herard in the far background.

Leece takes some snappies at the Zapata Falls turnoff. Mount Blanca is on the right, standing at 14, 345 feet, slightly higher than Pikes Peak. 

We stayed at the Far View Lodge, about fifteen miles inside Mesa Verde's boundaries. The motel, though not luxurious, was clean and comfortable, and we did indeed have a 'far view'... all the way to Ship Rock and beyond, as a matter of fact.

We visited the Spruce Tree House and Cliff Palace, as well as the Far View community, and the museum at Chapin Mesa. Leece has some photos and a blogpost on the museum visit, and she has posted more photos and her own comments about Mesa Verde here.

This is a good park for a three day weekend. You can make a half day or one day visit, but to really appreciate the park's content, three days is a decent start.