Monday, July 8, 2013

Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center

Here is a gallery from our visit to eastern North Carolina last month, from one of our stops at the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum:

Core Sound Waterfowl Museum

Behind the museum, you'll find Willow Pond. We have a gallery up here:

Willow Pond and Soundside Trail

Soundside Trail loops around behind the museum and the Cape Lookout visitors' center on the eastern end of Harkers Island. It's a short trail offering great views of a typical maritime forest and Core Sound at its confluence with Eastmouth Bay behind Harkers Island. We hiked the trail between rain showers as Tropical Storm Andrea passed over Raleigh, to the west.

Here are some galleries from previous visits:

Core Sound Waterfowl Museum 06.15.2012  This one has some good flower and foliage shots, and Leece took some photos of the quilts hanging in the museum.

Willow Pond June 2011  which has some good shots of Willow Pond, and a little blue heron as well as the ubiquitous white ibis.

Willow Pond June 2010