Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ribs of Moses

We have just set another exceptionally high standard of culinary excellence ... a rack of pork ribs, rubbed with an eclectic mix of South African smoked herbs and a Grecian blend; drizzled generously with honey, and sealed tightly whilst slow cooking on the grill for several hours.

The recipe for this has been handed down for a few millennium, having first been acquired - according to certain biblical scholars - by Moses, by way of Olduvai Gorge, from a Source that we will leave to your fevered imaginations.

The recipe was recovered along with the Dead Sea Scrolls, but has been heretofore known only to a Chosen Few.

The ribs are nicely accented with a loaf of real homemade (as opposed to machine-baked) buttermilk whole wheat French bread, another exceptionally outstanding bit of bakery by Mama Cita, if she does say so herself.

Now, the small-minded among us may see this as blatant braggery, but the fact of the matter is, it is merely Truth, and the Truth, though it may be no defense, is always Just. That's our story and we're a-stickin' to it.

You will no doubt notice that one end of the rack of ribs has been nibbled upon. SteveO could not be restrained ...