Monday, July 4, 2011

Bent's Old Fort

We visited Bent's Old Fort for their Fourth of July festivities.

We were able to observe the fort's surgeon amputate the toe of a kitchen wench, who had suffered injury to the digit when a couple of drunks caused her to drop a coal scuttle or some other heavy pail-like utensil on her foot. It was difficult to determine, what with all the shrieking, wailing, and screaming, with pauses for a few slugs of 'anesthetic', exactly what had happened. There was not much sympathy on the part of the rest of the kitchen staff, who seemed to feel that the patient needed to get her act together so as to be able to pull her load.

The surgeon amputated the toe and pitched it o'er the ramparts we watched. A couple of mangy curs fought over it before devouring it.

The surgeon also seemed unfamiliar with the terms 'Medicare,' 'Obamacare,' or 'health insurance,' but did seem to think that a sheep or goat would be fair exchange for his services. This idea, like drying your clothes on a clotheline rather than in a dryer, seems to be making a comeback in some places.

We got some shots of the blacksmith working in the forge, as well as some scenes around the fort.

The Koshares eventually showed up and did some of their dances. These were well-received by the audience.

We then retired to Dairy Queen in Las Animas, for Blizzards (most of us) and corn dogs (Froggy).

A patriotic time was had by all.

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