Saturday, July 2, 2011

Manitou Springs

So Friday we went up to Divide to pick up The Jonster from Golden Bell, where he had spent the week at the Naz Camp doing biblical things like white-water rafting and otherwise finding himself. He says he had a great time. I expect he did. Golden Bell's a well-run outfit.

Then we stopped in Manitou Springs while Leece visited The Silver Sparrow bead and jewelry shop, for some supplies. Leece had a good chat with Michele, the owner, about jewelry making. It's a pleasant shop, and quite crowded at the time we were there.

We also went to The Poppy Seed for some hemp twine. The Seed was interesting, with discreet whiffs of incense oozing out the door,and Bob Marley t-shirts. I like Bob Marley's music. Marakkesh Express flitted through what passes for my mind as well.

On the way home we stopped at Rudy's for some brisket and turkey. The meats are pretty good, though not nearly as good as mine. The cole slaw leaves much to be desired, but the creamed corn was quite tasty, and Steverino reports that the nanner puddin' was very good.

We took a few shots of downtown Manitou Springs. There's a lot more to do and see there, but we weren't there for sight-seeing, not this time, so we didn't do the place justice in the photographic sense.

It was also a madhouse. Tourists were swarming about, spending money like water, and bolstering the local economy.

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