Sunday, July 10, 2011

From "The Fleshpot"

Steverino did up the burgers for Sunday dinner.

He used a recipe from one of the Taste of Home magazines, somewhat modified by mom, who served in an advisory capacity.

These are a mix of 80/20 ground beef, ground turkey, Vidalia onions, chopped jalapeno, chopped mushroom, garlic, coarse black pepper, grilled over a slow fire. The topping is no-fat cream cheese with Great Value fiesta mix cheese and chopped baby 'bellos, melted over the patties just before removing from the grill. They are served with the usual accoutrements and condiments, on toasted-on-the-grill Kaiser rolls.

And we had a very nice salad of Romas, sugar peas, corn, Vidalias, baby 'bellos,  fresh yellow squash from the garden out back, with an Italian dressing, fresh basil, and coarse black pepper.

Who says there's no God?